Under the Saddle with Adam Cromarty Podcast

Georgina sat down with popular show commentator Adam Cromarty at the Washington International Horse Show to chat about a wide range of topics. Adam asked her if there was anything off limits, and she replied, “No!” They covered social life, thoughts on gun control, parenting, and more. Click to listen to the podcast.

Bloomberg 20/20

Georgina was featured in EQ Luxe magazine’s “Icons” issue, with a Q&A article covering topics like her involvement in the Global Champions League, her future in the sport, and more. Click to read the entire article.

Georgina Bloomberg

Professional Equestrian Georgina Bloomberg On Riding In The Hampton Classic

The Hamptons is filled with magnificent trails, world-class equestrian estates and premier horse shows. And this summer, elite equestrian Georgina Bloomberg is saddling up for adventure and heading to Bridgehampton to compete in the Hampton Classic with her eye on victory. A professional horseback rider, philanthropist and Hampton native, Bloomberg, in between The Golden Pear[…]

That Special Bond – with Georgina Bloomberg

In World Of Showjumping’s special series, they speak with some of the top names in the sport about the horses that have shaped their careers, left a lasting impression, and sometimes even broken hearts. For Georgina Bloomberg, two horses stand out in her career as helping her at pivotal moments. She credits them with giving[…]